Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bear Lake Jones Reunion 2011

The Jones Reunion was at Bear Lake in 2011. We went to this awesome cabin and the groundskeeper was this cute little old man. You could really tell he loved what he did. The first night we were there he came up to the cabin in this old car and gave all the kids rides.

 I am not sure who enjoyed it more the kids or the grown men! :)
 One of the afternoons we played Minute to Win it which is seriously SO fun!!

 Eyan did great with this game! He played against cousin Bekah. But it was easier for Eyan because his legs were shorter!! :) Poor Bekah had to practically do the splits to reach her bag!! :)

 Even Grandma joined the fun!

 I kick Alan's trash... just saying... :)
 Jake did an impromptu dance for Kevin... haha seriously he was doing a pretty good job! :)

 Uncle Alan isn't a huge fan of water... it's not obvious is it? :)
 But he was a good sport and braved Uncle Jason's scary driving skills! :)
 Uncle Dale KILLED the water skis!! :)
 Grandpa and Savanna!
 We also venture out to the Minatonca Caves! They were very neat and long! But all the kids did great and were really great troopers going up and down all of those stairs!!

We are SO excited to go back this year over 4th of July weekend! I must say however that I'm SOOOO grateful that I'm pregnant this year as to avoid death by water from Jason's boat driving skills... not that he's not a great driver... it's that he's a little too good. :) We love our Jones Family!! :)

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